Information on the provision of whole-body voxel human models

At NICT, we have developed numerical human-body models with the aim of evaluating the safety of radio waves with respect to the human body, and are making them available to the public. At present, we provide the voxel human model databases shown below.

Improvements are also being made to these models, such as by adding specific tissues and standardizing tissue weight, for example, and we plan to successively update the database's version. All version updates will be announced on our website, and database users will be contacted by email and other means.

Adult male and female voxel models


Adult male and female voxel models

The male model is named Taro, and the female model, Hanako.

Pregnant woman voxel model


Pregnant woman voxel model
(released on July 4, 2008)
Presentation of relevant research

Method of application for use

Research institutes such as universities

  1. Confirm the content of the draft of the database license contract.
  2. Fill in the necessary items in the Usage Application Form.
  3. We will contact you about your eligibility for use. If you are judged to be eligible, you will be asked to go through the database license contract procedures with Intellectual Property Management Group at NICT's Research Promotion Department.
  4. After a contract has been concluded, we will send you encrypted data and a decoding password.
  5. If the purpose of your data use looks like it will not be accomplished by the time the database usage period expires, you may submit a request for extension of database usage before your usage period expires.
  6. If the purpose of your data use has been accomplished, or if the usage period has expired, submit a certificate of database deletion without delay.
Voxel human model database: Usage Application Form

Please fill out the application form. We will email you at a later date to notify you of your eligibility to use the database.

the application form

Private-sector corporations (those requesting usage for a fee)

At NICT, we have been distributing, free of charge, the voxel human model database to research institutions such as universities in both Japan and overseas, on condition that they be used for non-commercial or research purposes only. The findings of research using the database released at academic meetings, etc., have attracted the interest of numerous corporations and other entities which until now were not eligible for database offerings. At present, NICT distributes data to corporations and other commercial entities as well, in the hope of having these data utilized even more effectively.

For details on how to apply, the license format and other information, contact Intellectual Property Management Group.

Contact information for the department in charge

Intellectual Property Promotion Office, Innovation Promotion Department, NICT
Tel: +81 42-327-5716 / Fax: +81 42-327-6659 /

  • Research on high-precision dosimetric technology: Development of whole-body voxel human models
  • Research on technology to evaluate compliance with RF protection guidelines
  • Research on the development of exposure devices for medical and biological experiments, and on the dosimetry of human-body exposure to radio waves
  • Whole-body voxel human models: Information on data provision
  • Press announcements, etc., on the findings of animal experiments
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